Waterless Grass

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Mirage Waterless Grass™ Works Everywhere and Looks Great!
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Professional sod installations can often cost up to $1-2 per square foot (more with the cost of underground sprinklers), and this price tag continues growing as mowing, watering, weeding, thatching, fertilizing, over-seeding and yard equipment are needed. By installing Mirage Waterless Grass™ - which is virtually maintenance-free - you'll save money year after year.

With Mirage Waterless Grass™, you can have a beautiful lawn all year long that is virtually maintenance-free. Can you imagine looking out over a professionally manicured green lawn every day that doesn't require any mowing, watering or chemicals, regardless of the weather?

The residential and commercial applications for Waterless Grass™ are practically unlimited. As the cost of maintaining a yard continues to rise, an increasing number of people are looking for an economical solution ­ and synthetic grass is their answer. In most cases, with basic customer care, coupled with a periodic application of a our special UV-enhancement treatment, Waterless Grass™ can last up to 20 years (with the exception of highly intense UV desert climate areas.)

Waterless Grass CommercialWaterless Grass™ has been installed in climates ranging from the arid deserts of the Southwest to the wintry terrain of northern Canada. Designed for residential and commercial applications, it can easily fit into any space, regardless of shape or size. High-quality construction of the synthetic turf fiber is backed by a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty, ensuring years of continuous use. Our spring-set fibers, created from a UV-protected polyethylene and/or polypropylene, help prevent "matting" over time.

A synthetic alternative to natural grass, Waterless Grass™ offers you the beauty of a perfectly maintained lawn without the need for water, mowing or fertilizer. Less maintenance results in extensive savings for you and reduced damage to the environment. In addition to the realistic appearance, Waterless Grass™ is safe for children, animals and pets, and it can increase property values.

Whether it's in your front yard, around the pool, on a balcony or used to create a roof garden, Waterless Grass™ enhances any landscape design ­ and not just around your home. Commercial uses range from small business settings, such as banks, restaurants and retail boutiques, to expansive business complexes, hotels and shopping malls.

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Synthetic grass

Golf Course Turf Verdet

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  • Comes in 12 or 15 ft. widths
  • Special durable shock absorbing HoneyComb™ backing
  • Must be partially filled to help deaden the "ball-bite" when chipped onto
  • Longer spring-set/textured fiber design to create a "true bent-grass" surface which helps to grab the ball when chipping
  • Stimps out from about 7 to 10 (like most tour and country club greens)
  • Can be installed as a direct glue down or loose-lay with partial assisted infill
  • Can accept a long approach or chip shot

Lawn Turf / Fringe Grass

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  • Comes in 12 ft. widths
  • Used for lawn grass or fringe turf
  • Polyethylene fiber design for a softer grass-like feel
  • Semi-texturized/spring-set fiber design to help non-matting
  • Simulates "Kentucky Blue Grass"

Installation Materials

  • Cups
  • Pins
  • Flags
  • Seem material
  • Infill

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