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Are you ready for backyard golf the entire family can enjoy? A backyard green from Cleveland Custom Putting Greens will provide hours of entertainment with family, friends and neighbors. Not just for avid golfers anymore, families like yours are discovering that everyone likes to putt. A creatively designed green lets kids of all ages play along. Visit our Photo Gallery and start planning your backyard fun today!

A personal putting green can be designed to any style and for any budget. Whether you are a golf enthusiast trying to improve your putting stroke with a Panel Green, or you are enhancing your landscape with a Custom Designed Green, Cleveland Custom Putting Greens has the green for you.

State-of-the-Art Turf

Cleveland Custom Putting Greens uses state-of-the-art synthetic putting turf that simulates the speed, roll and grain of real bent grass, yet requires nothing more than a leaf blower to maintain. That means no top-dressing, rolling, watering or mowing. With a ten-year warranty, you can expect your green to perform like new for years to come.

Artificial grass can be used for more than just putting. Today’s synthetic lawn grass simulates the plush texture, deep color, and soft touch of a real-grass lawn without the headaches of watering, fertilizing, mowing and pulling weeds. Perfect for use in high traffic areas, in deep shade, under play sets and around swimming pools these award-winning products will add beauty to your home for years.

To learn more about synthetic turf from Cleveland Custom, or if you are ready to discuss how a putting green may benefit you, please contact us to schedule time with one of our landscape architects.


March, 2009

CCPG adds Mirage Waterless Grass to its product listing. Click here to find out more about Waterless Grass and how it can save you both time and money in lawn maintenance costs.

Golf lovers who install bent grass greens in their yards either have a lot of time on their hands, or fail to comprehend the incredible amount of work required to maintain them. Well, now there's an affordable, less labor intensive alternative. To find out more about what separates a green installed by Cleveland Custom Putting Greens from a natural bent grass green, follow this link.

Click here to check out our line of weatherproof televisions. After you look over the information, give us a call for pricing.


Waterless GrassClick here to view info on Waterless Grass, an eco-sensitive and low maintentance alternative to real grass.

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