Cleveland Custom Putting Greens, LLC was developed out of my love for golf and my desire to find something fun to do during my summers off from my teaching career. My interest and experience with landscaping and my enthusiasm for the game of golf combined to make it a perfect fit. While growing up, my father ran a pro shop, driving range and putt-putt course. I always found great joy in being around and sharing my love for the game of golf. When I found the opportunity to work with Mirage Putting Greens International, it seemed to be a perfect fit. I am very excited to be able to provide Mirage's high quality products to Cleveland area families and businesses.


After doing extensive research on the synthetic putting turf industry I chose Mirage for three reasons:

  • First, Mirage became the industry leader when they revolutionized synthetic turf by engineering the first golf turf that does not require a sand infill. Simply put, our greens are maintenance free.
  • Second, Mirage exhibits a continual commitment to excellence through rigorous ongoing training and nonstop research and development. The result is cutting edge technology and the virtual certainty that we will continue to provide the highest quality turfs in the industry.
  • Lastly, I'm excited to be able to bring the game of golf into your home or business. The joy and entertainment that golf brings to millions of people will be waiting right outside your own backdoor when you purchase a Mirage green from Cleveland Custom Putting Greens.


CCPG seeks to establish and grow a business that will provide the highest quality customer service, market the best available turf products, and encourage Cleveland area families and businesses to find joy in the game of golf.


The Mirage Turf System was introduced in September, 1998 by Dale G. Potts. An avid golfer himself, Dale moved from the midwest to Scottsdale, Arizona, where the weather permitted him to enjoy this sport virtually year round. Shortly after the move, Dale installed a real "bent-grass" putting green in his own backyard. 

"I thought my real grass putting green would be maintenance-free. Little did I realize that I would have to mow it 4 to 5 times a week, buy a special 'tiff blade' mower, aerate the green, overseed it once a year, and constantly spread it with different types of chemicals. It was a real nightmare! Because of the high maintenance, what I really needed was a full-time greenskeeper!"

After about a year of fighting the maintenance of his real bent-grass putting green, Dale decided to remove it and install a synthetic putting green in his backyard.

The turf material available at that time was all based on the same premise - they all needed deep layers of sand and top dressing to make the fibers stand upright. It didn't take long before he became frustrated with certain "quirks" associated with his new synthetic putting green:

  • It required an extensive amount of sand fill, which created a very fast and erratic putting surface.
  • It was hard to control the ball speed, sometimes causing the ball to skip or hop.
  • Deep sand-filled putting surfaces are very labor-intensive and very expensive.
  • This particular synthetic turf required periodic broom sweeping to help the fibers stand upright and keep the sand level.
  • Over time, it became difficult to keep the fibers standing upright and the surface simply became too fast - it was essentially like putting on sand!
  • Because deep sand-filled turf has a grain, the ball does not roll the same in all directions.
  • Aesthetically, single-color synthetic surfaces were less-natural-looking, almost fake-looking, because the fibers were all one shiny color. (A real green is not perfect in color. Natural grass blades are different shades of green.)

After several months of research, Dale developed the Mirage Turf System. The Mirage Turf System consists of a synthetic turf that is made of polypropylene and nylon, textured, multi-color fibers that have been naturally bent to create a real bent-grass look. The fibers stand up naturally and do not require any sand in-fill to help them stand up or make the putting surface smooth. The spring-set, textured fibers of this new turf have been designed to spring or "bounce back", thus creating a soft, spongy surface making it realistic to chip onto.

The Mirage Turf System does not require deep sand in-fill to create proper ball-speed (our Tour-Putt product has Stimp meter readings comparable to PGA greens). Not only does the Mirage Turf look and perform more like a bent-grass putting green, it also costs less, because the installation process is not nearly as time-consuming.

The Mirage Turf System is most affordable,
realistic, best-performing, multi-color, bent-
grass putting surface in the world.

All Mirage Putting Green Systems are installed exclusively by M.P.G.A. certified and trained installers. All installed turf systems conform to M.P.G.A. standards. M.P.G.A. members are professionally trained and certified by Mirage Putting Greens International, Inc. in the technologies and installation of the Mirage Synthetic Turf System. Rigorous training, testing and ongoing seminars assure that Mirage Putting Green Dealers are qualified. Thus, from site selection, to base preparation, to turf sculpturing, to proper seaming, to proper roll/ball speed, you will be assured "The World's Most Realistic Synthetic Putting Surface."

Cleveland Custom Putting Greens is an authorized dealer
of Mirage Putting Greens serving the Cleveland area.